An easy way to view
and edit disk content
ReclaiMe Disk Editor helps with viewing, editing, searching, analyzing, forensic, and even data recovery.
ReclaiMe Disk Editor Features
View, edit, search and analyze data in disk sectors
View disk sectors
ReclaiMe Disk Editor allows users to view and edit the content of individual sectors on a disk. It provides a low-level view of the disk's data, bypassing file systems and allowing direct access to the physical disk sectors.
Users can navigate through the sectors of a disk, view the hexadecimal and ASCII representation of the data, and make modifications if necessary.
Advanced Filesystem Metadata Viewer
ReclaiMe Disk Editor goes beyond displaying raw sector data. It allows users to navigate and inspect filesystem metadata, such as MBR, partition table, and FAT. It provides an in-depth view of storage structure, partition information, and enables recovery of lost or corrupted data by editing slightly damaged filesystem or partition metadata.
Enhanced Search and Navigation
ReclaiMe Disk Editor helps users find specific data on disk sectors using advanced search and navigation tools. It allows searching for values or patterns, defining search ranges, and using navigation shortcuts. This is especially useful for extracting and analyzing data in forensic investigations or system analysis tasks.
Recover and explore metadata more efficiently
ReclaiMe Disk Editor provides automatic recognition of various metadata structures
Various filesystems
ReclaiMe Disk Editor can automatically find NTFS/FAT/exFAT/ReFS (Windows), ext/XFS/btrfs/ZFS (Linux), HFS/HFS+/Apfs (MacOS) metadata records
Set your own criteria to find text
The editor supports ASCII, UTF-16, UTF-8, OEM, multiple code pages
Set HEX pattern to find custom objects
Set search criteria to find HEX pattern at fixed or arbitrary offset
Edit disk content
Need to edit some metadata? Do it easily with ReclaiMe Disk Editor. Use hints in metadata to correct a certain bytes.
Navigate easily
You can navigate through the disk content by sectors, by buffers or go directly to a specific sector.
Search on multiple disks
You can specify a search on a specific disk or on all open disks at the same time.
Get started with our app, it's free
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Install and try our free ReclaiMe Disk Editor, designed to give you full control and visibility of your hard drive. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, you can easily manage partitions, recover lost data, and repair disk errors effortlessly.

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